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Signs and Wonders

Jack of All Trades

Will’s back at it rehashing old themes and testing a few new ones. Not one to make an understatement, Will seems to be taking cues from Phil Spector and his infamous “wall of sound,” plastering entire blocks of street signs and lamp posts with multiple posters butted snug against one another.


While his mini “best of” pet portrait poster seems targeted at the smaller dogs (and perhaps their owners), we see a hybrid of past ideas and characters amid a virtual font explosion describing the latest prototypes for his patented Under Armour Body Suit for your sick or senile Canine.


As hard working and driven a man as Will appears to be, he makes no waste of time offering construction site security service. Not only is he available immediately, but he’ll even make himself at home and provide “live in” guard service protecting your site from…squatters?! My head hurts.



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