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Don’t Let The Tumor Stop Me!

We’ve been trying to reach the artist responsible for the charmingly awful pet portraits for a couple weeks. However, after numerous unreturned calls, the artist remains an elusive and mysterious figure. Even more odd is the fact that we’ve come across two more posters affixed to telephone poles in our neighborhood. Why would he not return calls if he continues to advertise this service?

Upon repeated examination of these posters, we’ve deduced that Natalie is likely a dog afflicted with some sort of cancer. I lost a cat to Leukemia, it’s no fun. I am glad that Natalie is taking advantage of the precious little time we have on this planet and not just rolling over and playing dead.

In addition to the usual dogs and cats, for the first time we see a Giraffe, Buck, Owls, and some sort of Muskrat creature. That must be a strange sight atop Alamo Square! Make sure to click on the image to get a closer look at all of the verbiage.


What makes these pieces special is while they lack technical skill, they possess vision which is a far more engaging quality in an artist. I’d much rather spend time looking at artwork that elicits a hearty chuckle than well executed pieces that seem overly concerned with technique.

There’s something very strange and alluring about his subjects. They seem to possess human features and expressions. Maybe that’s what makes them so endearing. Wait! That gives me an idea. Maybe he can paint me as a cat!



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