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Rebel at Naptime

The prolific “Shorty” has been busy offering nuggets of wisdom and recounting his early years. Below are the fragmented experiences of his childhood.

Picture 1603

Picture 1629

Picture 1647

Picture 1597

Picture 1619

Picture 1613

Picture 1690

As I was documenting this story, I was fortunate enough to catch my first glimpse of Shorty.

Picture 1708

Who seemingly writes upside down.

Picture 1685

Picture 1670

Picture 1595

Picture 1648

Picture 1625

For those interested in exploring more, there is a treasure trove of images taken from the last few weeks documenting the many disjointed thoughts and messages pouring out of one man’s mind. Stuff like this:

Picture 1673

Picture 1699

Picture 1590


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