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Classes At The Main

A friend was handed this manifesto while buying a case of Kirin Ichiban at the corner store. Apparently created at the San Francisco Main Library on a schedule of available classes, the author (or unsung prophet) covers a range of themes seemingly common among the paranoid, such as government corruption, both historical and religious references, and the symbolic appropriation of numbers bearing some hidden meaning.


In addition to the flair of the deliberate and highly stylized lettering that incorporates arrows, inverted crosses and underlined letters to draw attention to certain words and phrases, there are also compositional elements that beg further notice. While the author uses individual boxes for each separate idea, the intentional placement of each geometrical shape and it’s spatial relationship to the others creates a somewhat disjointed flow that reinforces scattered feelings and message of his manifesto.


My favorite passage, however, recounts his early childhood years with the Harlem Globe Trotters and Harry Truman’s prophetic words that the Japanese “started the war, ” ultimately sending him to San Francisco for “Chinese eyes.”



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