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Telling stories is easy. Attempting to contextualize the cultural significance of public art in a society who’s struggled to define itself through a century of historic sociological and political movements is difficult. Berlin is a city torn apart by wars, divided by politics and conquest, and ultimately rebuilt by an uncompromising demand for personal and cultural freedom. It is not surprising then that Berlin still bears the visible signs of these stark contradictions; where redevelopment saddles urban decay, national identity grapples with diversity, and restraint opens up to free-flowing expression.

More than sanctioned murals, nothing exemplifies this legacy more than the Berlin Wall and it’s thousands of tiny affirmations of this hard won freedom.










…and then this, taken in a U-Bahn metro station.


Never stop asking questions.


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  1. Hello Charles,

    So, you’ve been to the wall have you? Let’s start with telling you what I’ve been doing: drinking skyy vodka and sprite. Now, let’s talk about my favorite of these. It was almost the one about the poor, the last one, and yes I have the answer. Answer: They don’t know what they’re missing, they don’t care, and after having struggled so long to merely exist they find themselves grateful for the next day’s sunrise. Others, never appreciate it at all, and prefer the glow of their machine that tells them how much money they made or lost, yes, they huddle next to the glow of the monitor. It’s like the candle v. the all seeing eye with a light bulb pupil in Picasso’s “Guernica” , my favorite painting. You get to tell me why that is…. Notice also that the rumor is that when the Gestapo broke into Picasso’s studio and beheld the thing that art critics of his era called “childish”, they asked him: “Did you do that?” with a tone of marvel in their voice. He replied: “No. You did.” and there something in the universe was made perfect. But no, that is not my favorite, Charles. My favorite, of course, is the one that says “Grand Pa WWII Vet”. One of mine surely wrote it. And by mine I mean, a goddamn Rebel from the South. We are the most hated cure for the world’s ills. Everyone hates us, but lo and behold how they clamor to us when it’s time for the goddamn blood to hit the ground. COWARDS! ONLY COWARDS WOULD ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE MARCHED OFF THAT WAY, MANY OF THEM, THEY DESERVED IT.



    Posted by TheShitHousePoet | July 1, 2009, 8:42 pm
  2. ps happy 4th of July.

    Posted by TheShitHousePoet | July 1, 2009, 8:44 pm

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