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Things That Rhyme With Tummy

The origin of the term ventriloquist comes from the Latin word for “belly speaker.” Back in ye olden days anyone talented enough to produce sounds with their stomach were thought to be prophets, able to foretell the future by interpreting these sounds as the voices of deceased spirits, taking up habitation in the luxury condo known as the bowel.


Likely at around the time Gabbo became the voice of one man’s descent into madness, this dummy went on to become the inspiration for police sketches of Richard Ramirez, the mass delusion known as alien sightings, and evidently childhood portraits of our 44th president.


Speaking of dolls that will slit your throat at first sign of dark, here’s a photo I’ve had for a while of an adorable little Victorian girl and her best friend Ming the Merciless. Isn’t she precious?



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