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The Weight Room

I snatched up a couple more newly uncovered Albert Beauparlant drawings from Bruce’s basement. The first piece is one of a series of drawings picturing scenes of a weight room. According to Bruce, the owner of the Jack Fischer Gallery has purchased number of pieces in this series. I’d love to see what Beauparlant’s an art dealer considered owning.


The other piece seems to be the cousin of another piece I own depicting a magazine store. However, in this scene we see what appears to be a garage or work area of some kind. These two pieces share an elevated, cross-sectional view of individual spaces that conveys an almost aloofness as if the artist was hovering slightly above it all.


While an intriguing glimpse into another of Beauparlant’s environment, the Magazine Shop drawing offers much more in the way of composition and detail.


I do so enjoy these fascinating glimpses into the small, strange world of the manchild called Albert.


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  1. interesting site, glad I found it. sure I’ll be back.

    Posted by shara | September 28, 2007, 10:40 pm

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