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The Lingering Question Mark of Beauparlant

Bruce is the vendor at the flea market who originally sold us the Albert Beauparlant drawings that have held our fascination us for the better part of 2 years. I sometimes stop by his table to see if he has any interesting items and check if any newly discovered Beauparlant pieces have surfaced in his garage. Last week he told me he found a couple more that he believed were the last remaining pieces of the collection. Today I snatched up a few more wonderful examples of the Beauparlant legacy.

A new character named “The Question Mark,” whose weapon of choice appears to be poison darts.


An interesting schematic view of a planned go cart. I love the intricate detail and multiple angels of this two-dimensional vehicle.



We also see what might be a playmate (imaginary or real) named Albert Tiddings named as the mechanic. Or is this just an alias used to disguise the loneliness of an alienated boy?






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