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With the search heating up, we decided to venture to the Alemany Flea Market in an attempt to locate the man who originally sold us the Beauparlant artwork almost a year earlier. After browsing the aisles of knick-knacks, stolen laptops, and a pretty awesome gun rack, we found him and his name is Bruce. Amazingly he still had some Beauparlants we hadn’t seen before.


Here’s a closer look at the pieces.


Beware of the “Zoom-Boo” Tribesman!



Here’s a map of the Mediterranean on the back. Are the Zoom-Boo relatives of the Moors?


I particularly like this legend of his Naval Officer’s Club, and the symbols that comprise their crest. They’ve sailed the seven seas, and then some!


Another historical reference on the reverse of this flier.


While buying the pieces, we probed the seller about the pieces and revisited the legend of Beauparlant. Evidently, Bruce acquired the pieces between 15-20 years ago at an estate sale in San Francisco’s Sunset District. Beauparlant’s house was full of military paraphernalia and souvenirs, and evidently included a hand grenade lamp (which he still owns). While he was unsure if Beauparlant ever served in the armed services, he mentioned that Beauparlant had possibly served in the Coast Guard. We contemplated if this might help to explain what brought him to San Francisco.

According to his memory, Beauparlant was sent to a nursing home as he was increasingly no longer able to care for himself and was rumored to have fired a gun in his backyard! With anecdotal information on Beauparlant, we headed home to conduct more research find any possible similarities.

Interestingly, some of the key facts in Bruce’s story match independent data we have uncovered ourselves. For starters, we know that according to death records, Beauparlant died in 1997 in Lorain County, OH. According to Bruce’s story, the date of the estate sale was between 1987-1992 (5-10 years prior to his death), which seems to fit our independent timeline. This also verified the fact that he had lived the final years of his life in a nursing home out of state.

With an unconfirmed possible address in San Francisco, I decided to pay for a professional background search based on his social-security number. As fate would have it, his records produced a residential address in San Francisco! Albert Beauparlant lived at 2621 30th Avenue at Vincente, very close to Stern Grove. This address confirmed another key fact in Bruce’s story.

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With our data seemingly verified by additional sources, we are now confident we have our man. ideally, we must next locate a copy of an obituary (if one exists) and possible any next of kin. And the search continues…


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