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Some people discount Facebook as merely a digital tool to feed our own burgeoning narcissism, heralding in the unavoidable demise of meaningful personal interaction. But as I see it, Facebook is a great way of peering into the private lives of people you may like but don’t talk to very often.

A cousin of mine recently took up a hobby called needle felting. As she described it,

“You take a bunch of wool – yup, the type that’s sheared right off the sheep — straight, curly, kinky, grey or brown, dyed or not and you take this very long, very sharp needle and you stab…stab…stab…your little pieces of wool and the fibers begin to grab hold of each other and compress and tighten into shapes.”

After poking around the FB group dedicated ot this craft, I found the work of a Carrie Peterson whose Circus Side Show collection of felted characters is a really awesome spectacle. it never ceases to amaze me what the artist can create in the most strange of mediums. Enjoy!

strong man

strong man


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