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After almost a month of weekend rains relegating me to the local bar for hot totties and scotch, today’s clear skies finally offered me the opportunity to wander the aisles of my local flea market for treasures. During the course of my rummaging, I stumbled on these earnest childhood renderings of local football legends.







For generations, many a boy including myself found role models in sports heroes who seemed to rise above the obstacles of injury, age and unbeatable odds to achieve greatness. For those in my peer group, Joe Montanta, Roger Craig and Jerry Rice were our idols that year after year dared the impossible. In the 1950s, player like Y.A. Tittle and J.H. Johnson were the bearers of that great responsibility, pushing the limits of their physical ability to bring joy and pride to the throngs of boys dreaming of one day wearing that same revered jersey. While most ended up weathering the drudgery of blue collar jobs rather than relishing in the glory of a hard fought win, it was these men, who if only for a Sunday afternoon, carried not only an inflated pigskin but our collective dreams and aspirations as well. These drawings illustrate this undying idolatry and the strength of the bond between a boy and his heroes.



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