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Lonse Star Swan

A fascinating, yet heartbreaking portrait of SF icon, Lone Star Swan.

I am Man

If you were questioning the masculinity of those in the construction trade, here’s a little welded homoerotic reminder that they can kick your ass. Dig the old-school anchor tattoo.


Hang out with Steve

Helmets? Damned straight, helmets.

Melvin Frank Marshall Live at Civic Center

Compared to the satisfaction of posting wholly original finds, re-purposing and re-broadcasting youtube footage* feels a little like cheating and lot like laziness, but to hell with it: Melvin Frank Marshall is a man who needs to be heard! A San Francisco violinist responsible for “over three hundred songs” and “one million chords,” Melvin scorches […]

Book Nook

When you spend as much time as we do elbow-deep in other people’s castoffs you’re bound to end up with some interesting by-catch. For Charles it’s leather jackets and ugly belt buckles, for me, it’s books. Here’s a few finds from the last couple of months. Bernard Averbuch, Crab is King (San Francisco: Mabuhay Publishing, […]

Hitler Bad, Graffiti Ehhh . . .

I’m not into graffiti. ‘Wild-style’ has been run into the ground for a least a decade, and tagging is as interesting as the twelve-year olds that engage in it. I’ve heard the argument that graffiti gives voice to the disenfranchised individual, but given its sheer volume in the urban environment I’d liken it to overloud […]

BBQ Season

Saw this on a phone pole across the street from my house. The guy that posted it used to keep this huge oil drum grill chained to a tree in the parking lot of the local DMV until it (the grill, not the lot) disappeared one night. Now he’s pissed and ready to take on […]

The Impenetrable Fortress

I can’t buy every strange piece of art I encounter. Sometimes the collectability and rarity of the work makes buying it cost-prohibitive. That was precisely the case with this strange 19th century diorama. Thankfully I was of quick enough to snap a few pictures so I could revel in it’s strange, enchanting beauty. At the […]

This is a Diorama

This is a Diorama made of saltines, cheese, and weird vegetables I ran into on my block a few years ago. I think it was promoting some event. It made me stop and look.

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