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Forcing the Hand, pt. 2

The following Sunday, Charles (who’s always game for crazy) and I show up to Gordon’s pet store with photos of our cats jammed in a manila envelope. As promised, Gordon, the last hippie in the Haight, mans the register in loose tie-dye, his thin ponytail crawling over one shoulder like something expecting to be fed. […]

Forcing the Hand, pt. 3

Several days later another voice mail from Will is waiting on my machine. Clearly unhinged by my bout of self-sabotaging phone calls, he is making it clear that I’ve pressed too hard. “Listen man,” he cautions, “tell your lady friend to stop tearing down my signs all over the place, because that shit’s not cool!” […]


My uncle snapped this marker a few weeks back while visiting family in Mississippi. Blunt, positively artless and shadowed by a snarl of poison ivy: this may be the saddest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen.

BBQ Season

Saw this on a phone pole across the street from my house. The guy that posted it used to keep this huge oil drum grill chained to a tree in the parking lot of the local DMV until it (the grill, not the lot) disappeared one night. Now he’s pissed and ready to take on […]

The Way it Could Have Been

Pet portrait guy is at it again. Found at Stanyan and Waller. What else needs to be said?

Cheesy Rider! Rides Again…

Following a reported sighting of a new “monkey poster” in the pet portrait series, I happened to stumble upon 2 more broadsides heartily taped to a Polk Street pole. Sadly there are no monkeys depicted. However, we do see for the first time a bear, winged cow, and a biker mouse named Cheesy Rider. What […]

Don’t Let The Tumor Stop Me!

We’ve been trying to reach the artist responsible for the charmingly awful pet portraits for a couple weeks. However, after numerous unreturned calls, the artist remains an elusive and mysterious figure. Even more odd is the fact that we’ve come across two more posters affixed to telephone poles in our neighborhood. Why would he not […]

I Love My Cat

I love my cat! She’s small and scrapy (undoubtedly the runt of the litter), has one fang that juts out of her mouth at a fourty-five degree angle, and when I wake up to the sound of her retching up hairballs and Ocean Fish Entre I can almost always be assured that the mess will […]

God is in the Details

I stumbled across a website called Interesting Ideas and in particular a page of the site dedicated to Outsider art. This site is home to a wonderful collection of exactly the kind of raw and uninhibited examples of artistic expression that fascinates us. Some of the more interesting images the author features is the rantings […]

King Crimson Made Everything

King Crimson is one of the pseudonyms for San Francisco’s David Bradbury Haning (DBH). During the better part of 2005/6 DBH literally flyered the city with photocopies of hand-written posters containing delusional yet endearing messages of government conspiracies, lost love, and apocalyptic omens. There was a time that Haning’s posters were everywhere, on almost every […]

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