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Rebirthed, Digitally

Sorry for the lack of posts. A few of my recent favorites from the 22nd Street writer.

Rebel at Naptime

The prolific “Shorty” has been busy offering nuggets of wisdom and recounting his early years. Below are the fragmented experiences of his childhood. As I was documenting this story, I was fortunate enough to catch my first glimpse of Shorty. Who seemingly writes upside down. For those interested in exploring more, there is a treasure […]

They Call Me the Weatherman

When we started this blog it seemed as though there was a surplus of compelling new characters to discover with engaging narratives and a bevy of largely undiscovered artistic output to document and highlight. Each week brought the promise of another clue in the ever evolving portrait of who these artists were and what made […]

Classes At The Main

A friend was handed this manifesto while buying a case of Kirin Ichiban at the corner store. Apparently created at the San Francisco Main Library on a schedule of available classes, the author (or unsung prophet) covers a range of themes seemingly common among the paranoid, such as government corruption, both historical and religious references, […]

Cursive: A Lost Art

I have always been fascinated with the art and aesthetics of handwriting. Simple printed text or gracefully sloping cursive manuscripts, the style and manor of a person’s handwriting conveys almost as much about the idea presented as the words. Below are two drastically differing examples of this concept. The first is the dense and almost […]

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