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A Stitch In Time

Caricatures and Grotesques

Students from a California high school art class were asked by their teacher to draw our presidential candidates from memory

Will Bites Back

Some photos of a recent up cropping of posters by the now infamous ‘Natalie’s Dog Walking Service’, aka ‘Will’s Motorized Mountain Bikes’, aka ‘Paul’s Pro Painters’. Apparently Will’s custom canine orthopedics have evolved into something less favorable of the geriatric canine community his early posters sought to champion. And who can blame the man? Picture […]


I was emptying out my camera’s memory card when I stumbled on this picture taken a couple months back. At the time of the photo the sheer scale and creepiness of this huge monstrosity compelled me to walk by it a number of times, like someone trying to inconspicuously get a good look at a […]

Wish You Well

San Francisco is great town for bicycle commuting. Aside from the looming hills that dot the landscape, it’s really fast, easy and fun to get around on two wheels. I sometimes catch a glimpse of some middle-aged tool driving a Hummer H2 and I wonder if he even knows the pure exhilaration and sense of […]


I live in a tight-knit neighborhood community. On any given night the local bar plays second home to a storied crew of locals from the surrounding area. As with any small neighborhood, rumors and gossip abound. And when I first started talking up my affinity for Anthony’s intriguing t-shirt designs I learned that the owner […]

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Here are three more panels from what Anthony tells me is a 200+ frame comic book!

Love Walks In

There’s a local character in my neighborhood named Anthony. He’s been a regular drop-in guest at many of the area businesses, from the tattoo parlor to the video rental store and likely many more. I never really knew much about him except he suffered from some kind of developmental disability and always seemed to be […]

Suffer for Fashion

I’ll admit it, I am more into clothes than most guys I know. The thrill of finding some weathered, zip-tastic, leather jacket, hidden in a rack full of otherwise unassuming garments elicits an joy probably not dissimilar to a lottery winner upon hearing their numbers being called. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. […]

Honey Tree Evil Eye

I love stories told in brief compelling episodes, each one a new clue to the titillating climax that lies ahead. However, instead of soap operas or the political circus surrounding a presidential candidate’s every misstatement, I favor the narrative of the offbeat, expressed in rants, ramblings and bizarre imagery. The continuing saga of Natalie/Carolina’s Pet […]

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