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Moving Pictures

With the holidays looming and my generally gloomy mood exasperated by a sagging economic outlook, I haven’t had much to write about. In search of inspiration I delved back into the archives and rediscovered the adventures of Steel-O-Man, which gave me an idea. I wonder what that guy is up to? Thankfully, cooking desserts for […]


I read this today, and thought it a fitting share. Enjoy! Frank Calloway TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Bent over or sitting at a table, gripping a ballpoint pen, marker or crayon, Frank Calloway spends his days turning visions from his youth into lively murals — and at 112 years old, the images of his childhood […]

Melvin Frank Marshall Live at Civic Center

Compared to the satisfaction of posting wholly original finds, re-purposing and re-broadcasting youtube footage* feels a little like cheating and lot like laziness, but to hell with it: Melvin Frank Marshall is a man who needs to be heard! A San Francisco violinist responsible for “over three hundred songs” and “one million chords,” Melvin scorches […]

Is Murder Ever Funy?

It’s been a minute since I’ve found video compelling enough to post, but thanks to Boingboing.com it looks like that streak may finally be over. Not since the days of Wondershowzen (the short-lived, but brilliant show on MTV2) have I seen such a provocative and funny appropriation of hand puppets. Based on the story of […]

Steel-O-Man, the Slime Invasion and the Plastic Baby Doll Captives

While purging my wallet of miscellaneous receipts, coupons and band-aid wrappers, I stumbled on a faded ATM bank statement with a few cryptic words scribbled on it; “Steel-O-Man.” As I best recall, a few weeks back I met a humble and unassuming middle-aged man working a table of assorted brick-brac at the flea market. In […]

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