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On the Heels of a Ghost

This post has been a long time in the making. For the last few years we’ve followed on the heels of a ghost. Starting with conjecture and probably more than a hint of fantasy, we’ve become consumed with the task of piecing together the fragmented story of (by all accounts) a seemingly unremarkable man whose […]

Forcing the Hand, pt. 1

Will’s not much of a people person. I’ve come to this conclusion after the latest in a series of menacing phone messages in which Will has implicated me as a key figure in a city-wide conspiracy to bury his burgeoning dog walking business by collaborating with the Department of Public Works and rival walking services […]

Forcing the Hand, pt. 2

The following Sunday, Charles (who’s always game for crazy) and I show up to Gordon’s pet store with photos of our cats jammed in a manila envelope. As promised, Gordon, the last hippie in the Haight, mans the register in loose tie-dye, his thin ponytail crawling over one shoulder like something expecting to be fed. […]

Forcing the Hand, pt. 3

Several days later another voice mail from Will is waiting on my machine. Clearly unhinged by my bout of self-sabotaging phone calls, he is making it clear that I’ve pressed too hard. “Listen man,” he cautions, “tell your lady friend to stop tearing down my signs all over the place, because that shit’s not cool!” […]

Prosthetic Devices Research Project, UC Berkeley, Ca. 1942-1946

I’ve labored over a suitable introduction to these photographs for too long, trying to find the right tone, the right thing to say about something that’s far beyond anything I’ve ever seen, let alone experienced. With no hope of easing into things gradually, I figure it’s best to simply relay the facts and let the […]

On the Shores of Wonder Lake

Every now and then the work of an artist hits you and hits you hard, sweeps you off of your feet, even. You see it for the first time and suddenly you know that up until this point you’ve been waiting for it to be there all along. Like love at first sight, you might […]

Behold Beauparlant

Last year Marcus and I made plans to check out an annual neighborhood flea-market in Alamo Square. While wandering the rectangular perimeter of the park, where vendors laid out their wares we encountered a man with tables full of antique pictures and artwork. Many of the pieces displayed were not noteworthy, rather just random pieces […]

King Crimson Made Everything

King Crimson is one of the pseudonyms for San Francisco’s David Bradbury Haning (DBH). During the better part of 2005/6 DBH literally flyered the city with photocopies of hand-written posters containing delusional yet endearing messages of government conspiracies, lost love, and apocalyptic omens. There was a time that Haning’s posters were everywhere, on almost every […]

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