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Home Coming

“it’s hard to know where to start…” I came home late one evening to find a blog comment waiting for approval. Comments of any kind, praise or scorn, make me happy. Sometimes I’m just glad that someone found our long-neglected site and was compelled to write. To my immediate surprise and joy, a line cut […]

On the Heels of a Ghost

This post has been a long time in the making. For the last few years we’ve followed on the heels of a ghost. Starting with conjecture and probably more than a hint of fantasy, we’ve become consumed with the task of piecing together the fragmented story of (by all accounts) a seemingly unremarkable man whose […]

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother

After the discovery of Albert Beauparlant’s father and his famous “House of 2,000 Candles,” I set out to uncover as much information as I could on his life. I had hopes of locating a child or relative, who might be able to give us more of his story (or at least an anecdote or two […]

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