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My uncle snapped this marker a few weeks back while visiting family in Mississippi. Blunt, positively artless and shadowed by a snarl of poison ivy: this may be the saddest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen.

Book Nook

When you spend as much time as we do elbow-deep in other people’s castoffs you’re bound to end up with some interesting by-catch. For Charles it’s leather jackets and ugly belt buckles, for me, it’s books. Here’s a few finds from the last couple of months. Bernard Averbuch, Crab is King (San Francisco: Mabuhay Publishing, […]

Hitler Bad, Graffiti Ehhh . . .

I’m not into graffiti. ‘Wild-style’ has been run into the ground for a least a decade, and tagging is as interesting as the twelve-year olds that engage in it. I’ve heard the argument that graffiti gives voice to the disenfranchised individual, but given its sheer volume in the urban environment I’d liken it to overloud […]

BBQ Season

Saw this on a phone pole across the street from my house. The guy that posted it used to keep this huge oil drum grill chained to a tree in the parking lot of the local DMV until it (the grill, not the lot) disappeared one night. Now he’s pissed and ready to take on […]

Herbie Gaines

Divisadero Street. Or as those in the know call it: The Center of the Universe. Those that are not privy to the same kind of know that I’m referring to may insist on flippantly labeling this vital urban corridor The Navel of Creation, or The Sweet Spot. Regardless, if you live in SF chances are […]

I Love My Cat

I love my cat! She’s small and scrapy (undoubtedly the runt of the litter), has one fang that juts out of her mouth at a fourty-five degree angle, and when I wake up to the sound of her retching up hairballs and Ocean Fish Entre I can almost always be assured that the mess will […]

Prosthetic Devices Research Project, UC Berkeley, Ca. 1942-1946

I’ve labored over a suitable introduction to these photographs for too long, trying to find the right tone, the right thing to say about something that’s far beyond anything I’ve ever seen, let alone experienced. With no hope of easing into things gradually, I figure it’s best to simply relay the facts and let the […]

On the Shores of Wonder Lake

Every now and then the work of an artist hits you and hits you hard, sweeps you off of your feet, even. You see it for the first time and suddenly you know that up until this point you’ve been waiting for it to be there all along. Like love at first sight, you might […]

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