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Hang out with Steve

Helmets? Damned straight, helmets.

Caricatures and Grotesques

Students from a California high school art class were asked by their teacher to draw our presidential candidates from memory

Underground Man

It’s summer in SF. The city smells like piss, I’m spending more time than usual in my underwear and the kids with the carabineer key chains are well into their cross town fixie migrations, disappearing nightly into the surf where Pacific currents guide their steel frames and Deep V’s to secret breeding grounds somewhere on […]

Melvin Frank Marshall Live at Civic Center

Compared to the satisfaction of posting wholly original finds, re-purposing and re-broadcasting youtube footage* feels a little like cheating and lot like laziness, but to hell with it: Melvin Frank Marshall is a man who needs to be heard! A San Francisco violinist responsible for “over three hundred songs” and “one million chords,” Melvin scorches […]

Treasure Island Naval History Mural

Too bad one of the strangest murals in the area sits in a limited access building on an island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, but here’s hoping a quick snap shot sparks a bit of interest. The painting stretches the length of the east wall in Treasure Island’s Administration Building, a grand […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

Living in a neighborhood that’s rapidly transitioning from blue-collar, single-family households to prime fix-it-and flip-it opportunities, estate sales have become a semi-regular source of entertainment in these parts. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure they’re a heartbreaking public effort to remedy lifelong accumulations of debt, familial strife and general clutter in the space of […]

Forcing the Hand, pt. 1

Will’s not much of a people person. I’ve come to this conclusion after the latest in a series of menacing phone messages in which Will has implicated me as a key figure in a city-wide conspiracy to bury his burgeoning dog walking business by collaborating with the Department of Public Works and rival walking services […]

Forcing the Hand, pt. 2

The following Sunday, Charles (who’s always game for crazy) and I show up to Gordon’s pet store with photos of our cats jammed in a manila envelope. As promised, Gordon, the last hippie in the Haight, mans the register in loose tie-dye, his thin ponytail crawling over one shoulder like something expecting to be fed. […]

Forcing the Hand, pt. 3

Several days later another voice mail from Will is waiting on my machine. Clearly unhinged by my bout of self-sabotaging phone calls, he is making it clear that I’ve pressed too hard. “Listen man,” he cautions, “tell your lady friend to stop tearing down my signs all over the place, because that shit’s not cool!” […]

Fleet Week, 1919

My last ground-level experience with Fleet Week in SF occurred a few years ago in a Chinatown dive that happened to be crawling with Navy that night. A friend of mine, fried to the hat and hell-bent on initiating the most ill conceived social experiment I’ve ever witnessed lurched unprovoked from our corner booth and […]

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