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$2 Portraits

Stumbled on a great concept project via http://www.whatimseeing.com. Simply put, when someone asks you for change, instead of ignoring the person or saying no as is so often the case, offer them $2 in exchange for a portrait and a story if they’re so inclined. Oh, and evidently tons of people around the globe have […]


Somewhere in heaven an angel lost their wings. In all seriousness, this made a pretty majestic picture, albeit a fairly morbid one.

Meat is Murder

Pareidolia = phenomenon when a random stimulus is perceived as significant


Some people discount Facebook as merely a digital tool to feed our own burgeoning narcissism, heralding in the unavoidable demise of meaningful personal interaction. But as I see it, Facebook is a great way of peering into the private lives of people you may like but don’t talk to very often. A cousin of mine […]

Post-Consumer Recycled Content

I miss Herbie. He hasn’t been around much. The last few times I saw him, he looked sober and lucid, passing through the neighborhood like he was paying his respects. I hope he’s doing well and still finding time to beautify cardboard. That’s why when I saw these simple yet captivating paintings on cardboard, I […]



Telling stories is easy. Attempting to contextualize the cultural significance of public art in a society who’s struggled to define itself through a century of historic sociological and political movements is difficult. Berlin is a city torn apart by wars, divided by politics and conquest, and ultimately rebuilt by an uncompromising demand for personal and […]

I <3 U California

Heads Up

San Francisco is ripe with amazing pieces of architectural and decorative art from the Victorian era. If you’re not paying attention you can pass right it right by while in transit. I was lucky enough to stumble on this wonderful stone barrier in front of a quaint Victorian residence along Grove Street at Laguna. Sometimes […]

Why I like Tattoos

I stumbled on a blog that introduced me to a truly inspiring story of a woman named Edith Macefield who heroically refused to concede to what Trader Joe’s and corporate America mistakenly refer to as progress. Edith Macefield, 1921-2008: Ballard woman held her ground as change closed in around her Last week, owners and friends […]

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