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Home Coming

“it’s hard to know where to start…” I came home late one evening to find a blog comment waiting for approval. Comments of any kind, praise or scorn, make me happy. Sometimes I’m just glad that someone found our long-neglected site and was compelled to write. To my immediate surprise and joy, a line cut […]

Rebirthed, Digitally

Sorry for the lack of posts. A few of my recent favorites from the 22nd Street writer.

Coffee and Robots

I’ve seen this guy in the neighborhood for years. He never seems to talk to anyone, just draws at the cafe on the corner. I’ve always wondered what he works on with his multi-color retractable pen. Evidently the answer is robots. And who doesn’t love robots? (click on the pic to get a closer view) […]

Rebel at Naptime

The prolific “Shorty” has been busy offering nuggets of wisdom and recounting his early years. Below are the fragmented experiences of his childhood. As I was documenting this story, I was fortunate enough to catch my first glimpse of Shorty. Who seemingly writes upside down. For those interested in exploring more, there is a treasure […]

They Call Me the Weatherman

When we started this blog it seemed as though there was a surplus of compelling new characters to discover with engaging narratives and a bevy of largely undiscovered artistic output to document and highlight. Each week brought the promise of another clue in the ever evolving portrait of who these artists were and what made […]

Solemn Faces

Today I stumbled on a collection of paintings and sketches from a woman named Julia Colton. As flea-market folklore has it, she was originally from the Soviet Union, and had a showing in Paris at some point in her life. Her work dates from the mid 1940s through the mid 1950s and depicts portraits of […]

Pa and Ma


From the corner’s of a basement comes a new collection of unearthed Beauparlant drawings, including some of my new favorites. At this point, everything that needs to be said about this young, mysterious artist’s depression era work has. Enjoy the latest (but hopefully not the last) batch of marvelous, panoramic renderings of childhood fantasy courtesy […]

I am Man

If you were questioning the masculinity of those in the construction trade, here’s a little welded homoerotic reminder that they can kick your ass. Dig the old-school anchor tattoo.

73 Cents

Rarely do murals, let alone politically charged murals captivate my attention. However, today’s post on Salon’s sWell introduced me to the heart-breaking story of teacher, turned advocate Regina Holiday, her husband Fred’s bout with both cancer and the insurance company CIGNA, and the mural she created in response to the current state of health care […]

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