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War Is Not Fair, But It Does Have Class

Here’s an original Mission Yuppie Eradication Project poster from San Francisco’s Mission District in the late 1990s. According to Wikipedia: “During the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, the gentrification of San Francisco’s predominantly working class Mission District led some long-term neighborhood residents to create what they called the “Mission Yuppie Eradication Project.” This group […]


Sorry for not updating this blog very often. I suck. My hope is that soon I’ll actually do what I say and keep this neat little corner of the web alive. Note to self: Water every two weeks and give it plenty of sun.

Lonse Star Swan

A fascinating, yet heartbreaking portrait of SF icon, Lone Star Swan.

Kiss Me Quick

Here’s a rad little photo I found and now carry around in my wallet. It shows both humor and restraint common in the duality of young women maturing in the dawn of the suffrage movement. This picture makes me smile.


Found screwed to the side of a building at 22nd/Tennessee.



Doesn’t calling yourself an outsider artist imply a self-awareness that automatically precludes you from that label? If the idea of a vast network of flashing, seizure-inducing, self-promotional web-sites devoted to the ramblings and artwork of one man sounds like your cup of tea, you may have found your nirvana. http://www.notes.outsider-artist.info/

Fun Facts

Obviously, the audacity of using the name Hitler in your domain ensures that the “super computer” known as Google will misread the intended sarcasm. Not surprisingly, most searches that bring visitors to our site contain a mention of a certain German villain in one way or another. “Pretty pictures of hitler?!” Wow. Does such a […]

AGHB 2.0

After months of toying with the idea of reworking the layout of our site we finally bit the proverbial bullet and updated the look and feel to reflect our growth. Rather than just a blog with posts in chronological order, we wanted to utilize more of an online magazine feel with featured articles and fun […]

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