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“Look again. Look directly and assume nothing.” – Lyle Rexer

For a few years now we’ve been stumbling across extraordinary examples of art in everyday places: scrawled manifestos taped to telephone poles, dirty pictures in bathroom stalls, portraits painted on cardboard by the neighborhood drunk. The more we notice, the harder we look, and the harder we look . . . well, you get the idea.

Art is everywhere, and we like it when it’s simple, personal and direct. We’re not experts, but when we see something and have to take a few minutes to collect out thoughts and ask ourselves what the fuck?, we know we’re on to something.

This is our site and this is what we like. Don’t take us too seriously. We don’t.

What’s In a name?

Really, we just thought it was funny. And easy to remember. So here we are, and because we know what we’ve gone and done, here’s our disclaimer.

Our Disclaimer:

We’re fully aware of the historical connotations our site name bears, and it’s in no way our intention to trivialize the impact of the Third Reich’s vilification of divergent artistic practice. Of course it’s tragic that in 1937 Joseph Goebbel’s propagandist exhibition, Entartete Kunst drew two million people to Berlin to witness with awe both the flaying of aesthetics and the amplification and manipulation of race, religion and politics in the service of the Nationalsozialismus agenda. This said, feel free to accuse us of gross oversimplification and insensitivity in our choice of a name for the site. We admit as much and hope that we can go from there.

Thanks for understanding,

Charles and Marcus